*Seana Mae (seanacarte) wrote in hsps,
*Seana Mae


HAHA I'm a member! How tight is that!? real tight

so people who think they are tight casue they think that they know everything about everything and everyone....really aren't that tight and should just screw themselves...cause...posting those kind of comments aren't gonna do shit...what the hell is the point?...But I guess you can think ur tight since you think you know everything and all...

TODAY WAS TIGHT THAT FIREDRILL KICKED BOOOTY...but my mom got a call from the school saying that i skipped more than one class...and it was gay casue i didn't and now my mom said if I don't straightin this out i can't do anything this weekend...how piece ass is that...really piece ass..

Well i got shit to do PAYCE
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WHAT LAME CAUSE U DIDNT your pretty much pro at goin to schooolll and someone shoudl inform her for thatttttttt and yeah people are lame and should know what there talkin about before they talk or comment or whatever