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1. Name and age: Tawney and 16.
2. What is HSPS(guess if you have to)?: HOT SEX PEOPLE SEX.
3. Favorite bands: The Streets, AFI, Death By Stereo, Rammstein, Slayer, Saves The Day, Mad Sin, and Nekromantix.
4. Are you a good kid?: Jajajaja.
5. Big or little?: BOTH BAYBEEEEEE.
6. What are you good at?: Mispronouncing words.
7. What else do you do besides sitting on the computer all day?: Hang out with $hell. Haha. And eat.
8. Talk about sex. Make it entertaining: SHIT MAN He wants to stick his tartar in your sauce.
9. Who is your least favorite person in the world and why?: Uhh. My sister? Because her face is always dirty. And she screams too much. Then in second place is probably Hilter or something.
10. Tell us something funny: I once karate-kicked my sister in the head...?
11. Favorite thing to eat: POTATOES.
12. How popular are you? Be honest: Not very popular. Unless you're talking about how popular I am with people names Shell. Then yes.
-- post at least 2 pictures of yourself under a cut.

Hah. I'm such a goon.
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